Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB) Endorses Cindy Allen for City Council

"Cindy Allen is a true product of Long Beach Unified. From her time at Stevens Middle School to her graduating from Poly High as Student Body President, she understands the effort and time our teachers put into our students' education. The teachers in Long Beach Unified spend countless hours mentoring and educating our students so that they can have a life that gives them the opportunities they deserve. Cindy Allen has shown that she understands the hard work these teachers put in and how they have affected her own upbringing to become the woman she is today. The Teachers Association of Long Beach wholeheartedly supports Cindy Allen for Long Beach City Council." 

— Dr. Christine Kelly, President, TALB

Attending middle and high school here in Long Beach Unified has really given me the opportunity to view life through a different lens. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for the teachers that taught me so much. That is why I am humbled to receive the endorsement from the Teachers Association of Long Beach. I pledge to always be a fighter for public education and for the teachers who put forth so much for our community.