Long Beach Association of Engineering Employees Endorses Cindy Allen

"Cindy Allen shows that she cares about her Long Beach community and the people who work in it. As a former small business owner, Cindy understands the need to hire locally, pay competitive wages, and keep jobs close to home to stimulate economic development. We know that with Cindy elected to the City Council, we can feel safe that our employees are protected and looked after. That's why we're proud to endorse her for Long Beach City Council."

— Jason Edward Rodriguez, President, Long Beach Association of Engineering Employees

I'm very thankful for this endorsement. The members of the Engineering Employees Association do fascinating work within the community. As your next councilwoman, I pledge to keep jobs close to home and always make sure our employees are looked after. Time and time again, we see jobs being shifted outside the City and the burden this puts on the families in our communities. It will be a priority of mine to hire locally and retain jobs here in Long Beach.