Former Long Beach City Manager Jerry Miller Endorses Cindy Allen for City Council

I am delighted to announce that Former Long Beach City Manager Jerry Miller has endorsed my candidacy for City Council.

Former City Manager Miller released the following statement:

“I’ve known Cindy for years and I have no reservations about her ability to lead the 2nd District. She’s the only candidate who brings real experience to the table. Cindy understands budgeting, projecting costs, and using sound judgement to make decisions, all skills necessary to be a successful Councilmember. I am confident the 2nd District will thrive under her leadership, and am proud to enthusiastically support Cindy Allen for City Council.”

Allen also commented on the endorsement:

"Jerry has been a friend and a mentor to me, and I am so grateful to receive his endorsement. He has a strong analytical mind and understands that being a leader, making decisions, and solving problems requires facts, honesty, and perspective. He was a strong city manager and I look forward to relying on his counsel in the future."