Healthcare and COVID-19

Long Beach is fortunate to be one of only 3 cities in California with our own Public Health Department. This gives us an opportunity to react quicker and implement more nuanced solutions. If elected, I will:

  • Strengthen and reinvest in the Long Beach health department
  • Work to increase healthcare accessibility and affordability, with a focus on reducing racial disparities
  • Fight for Medicare for All on the national level and increased healthcare access on the state level
  • Make science-based decisions on healthcare policy
  • Identify sustainable funding to accomplish public health goals
  • Invest in more contact tracers to identify patterns and alert residents when they are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19
  • Implement and enforce social distance and mask policies to slow the spread of COVID-19
  • Coordinate with workers and business owners to implement best practices to protect our frontline workers


Police Reform 

Our city council has the opportunity to make Long Beach a leader and a model for other police departments to follow. We need to increase transparency, accountability, and training along with examining all aspects of law enforcement. My top priorities will be to:

  • Strengthen the Citizen Police Complaint Commission and ensure the CPCC is involved in investigations through the final decision
  • Implement a process to identify patterns of misconduct to be factored into the disciplinary process
  • Enhance the Early Warning System to identify and discipline officers who are showing a pattern of misconduct
  • Work to reform the Civil Service process to ensure that bad officers are taken off the streets and their terminations upheld.
  • Reallocate funds from LBPD to other departments that are better equipped to handle social issues



Long Beach has been ranked among the worst in air quality in the United States, but that only tells part of the story. Data shows our black and brown communities disproportionately suffer the effects of such air quality. I will:

  • Introduce a plan to transition the city from fossil fuels to clean energy, including a fully electric fleet of city vehicles.
  • Use technology to increase awareness of the city’s carbon footprint
  • Strengthen and enforce environmental protection laws at the port
  • Implement programs to encourage use of public transportation
  • Ensure compliance with 2017 Clean Air Action Plan
  • Support increasing the oil extraction tax and allocate the new resources to health equity


Housing for All

Homelessness will be a defining challenge over the next decade and affordable housing is crucial to support the people and economy of Long Beach. I will:

  • Support inclusionary housing to ensure affordable housing is included in all new development
  • Work with local community-based organizations to build new affordable housing
  • Implement and strengthen consumer protection laws for tenants during the COVID crisis
  • Support policies that protect tenants from extreme increases in rent
  • Increase shelter capacity and build shelters that are more accessible to people experiencing homelessness


Economic Recovery

We are in the middle of a global pandemic that has led to a recession. As we fight this disease, we must also work toward rebuilding our economy. I will:

  • Implement workforce development programs to help our economy recover from the economic downturn
  • Invest in workforce training to help the residents of Long Beach adjust to a new economy
  • Work to bring new good paying union jobs with benefits to Long Beach
  • Raise the minimum wage to a living wage 
  • Develop affordable daycare programs to allow parents to enter the workforce
  • Support procurement strategies that increase diversity, with a focus on black and brown communities
  • Work with Long Beach Transit to develop safe and affordable public transportation, implementing additional free and discounted fares.


 Parking Solutions Now

The parking situation in our district is out of control, and with the city’s tallest building under construction, it’s about to get even worse. I am determined to solve the problem once and for all. Not only will we study the problem and create new private-public partnerships to address it, we’ll implement new strategies, like underground parking structures, after-hours parking at local businesses, and improved mass transit and cycling options. We will explore solutions like resident-only permits for residential streets, ZipCars, and new “Intelligent Parking” technologies that help drivers find spots more efficiently. I am committed to finding solutions to this issue and will execute a plan on Day 1 when I’m elected.